Accessible workshops

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KUBES wants to encourage blind and visually impaired people to develop into active artists and therefore organizes a number of accessible art expression workshops every year.

The KUBES Sculpture Weekend has been offered for more than 30 years and is indispensable in our workshop program. The KUBES Painting Weekend for the visually impaired has only been organized for a number of years, but is already a very successful workshop that is quickly booked up.

In addition to the annual multi-day workshops, KUBES also organizes changing, one-day workshops, and on this page we also mention workshops given by KUBES artists. Get inspired and discover your talents!

This is what participants say about our workshops:

Not only the experienced sculptors, but also the beginners had succeeded in creating something that was worthwhile. As a beginner, I have learned a lot and am happy with this talent I discovered in myself.

Dory Elie

I am so happy with the wise lessons and now use the techniques in my paintings. What I actually liked the least is what I use the most: working with cardboard. I want to make a whole series of portraits with this. Building something from cardboard is really cool!

Manola Sint Jago