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In line with the national policy regarding the corona virus, most Dutch museums will be closed until 1 June 2020. Many offer interesting tours on their websites as well as interesting podcasts, which are worthwhile. Tip the editors via

In the agenda, KUBES offers an overview of accessible cultural initiatives, such as special tours in museums, theater performances with audio description, concerts, workshops and lectures. In addition, the accessible exhibitions of individual KUBES artists are also included in the overview. Finally you will find tips for accessible museums.

You can visit the initiatives mentioned in the agenda on your own. If you prefer to go out as a group, then the cultural day excursions that KUBES organizes every month might be something for you. View our cultural excursion program.

Agenda overview

Tabel met een overzicht van 5 activiteiten
Wat Plaats Data
Rondleidingen bij de tentoonstelling Eigen+Beeld Scheveningen 7 november, 5 december, 6 februari 2021 en 6 maart 2021
Rondleidingen Sightless Seeing Amsterdam Vanaf 12 september
Multi zintuiglijke rondleiding Eindhoven 13 september (iedere 2e zondag van de maand)
Rondleidingen Amsterdam Museum Amsterdam 13 september en 13 december
Rondleidingen Oorlogsmuseum Eyewitness Beek wekelijks op vrijdag

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