Art and culture accessible!

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Short video about KUBES

KUBES is committed to the accessibility of art and culture, so that art lovers and artists with a visual impairment can actively participate in cultural life. For example, we offer cultural enthusiasts excursions, creative workshops, art expression workshops, artists a platform to present their work and museum advice on how they can be more accessible to blind and visually impaired visitors.

Field trips

Again a varied program with [cultural day excursions] ( has been put together. You can register for one or more excursions, as well as for the annual, multi-day cultural trip. You can participate with or without your own supervisor, or request a KUBES supervisor.


Of course, the KUBES Sculpture Weekend is not missing this year! On the workshop page you can read more about this and other planned [art expression workshops] ( You will also find reports and photos of previously held workshops.


At the annual exhibition you experience, feel and view the work of artists affiliated with KUBES. On the [exhibitions page] ( you can read, among other things, about previously held exhibitions, how to order an art catalog and art cards and about the preparations for the 2019 exhibition.

Artist collective

Around 50 blind and visually impaired artists are affiliated with KUBES. Get to know their work during our exhibitions and on the artist pages. There you will also find how you can purchase a work of art and how you can join the [collective] as an artist (


KUBES informs, advises and supports museums and other cultural institutions for better accessibility. One-to-one advice, test groups, an accessibility workshop, advisory group ... KUBES has the knowledge and experience!